Jim Thompson House Museum

Jim Thompson House Museum

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Bangkok People's Museum with Jim Thompson House

The Jim Thompson House Museum is located in the heart of Bangkok. At Soi Kasemsan 2, easy to drive, drive straight into the alley and come to the heart of the park. It is easy to park, or if you come by BTS, it is easy to get off at the National Stadium station. Bann came to see Soi Kasemsan 2, standing and waiting for a moment. The museum has a Golf Shutter vehicle that is permanently delivered between the front of the track and the museum.
The museum is divided into 3 parts: the Jim Thompson Shop, the Jim Thompson Restaurant and the Museum Section. Entrance fees to museums for Thais and foreigners The same price is 150 baht. The interior will consist of 6 Thai houses assembled. With a practical application adapted to the western lifestyle. Including antiques from Jim's collection, Many Thompson.
The house is large, very beautiful, with beautiful furniture to look at and inside the museum is a Jim Thompson store. Then continue straight ahead and someone will check the map before visiting the museum. Allow us to book a visit at the counter. Walk in the inner courtyard. First, come to the counter to book a visit to the museum. This is considered a famous tourist destination in Thailand where many foreigners meet. We therefore have the choice of 5 guided tours: English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Thai.
Rules to visit the museum a bit to prepare in advance as follows
1. When you enter the museum section, you must visit according to the viewing cycle. This one can be divided into several languages, including English, Chinese, Japanese, French and Thai, and should be part of the group of guides that only takes us to visit
2. Must remove the shoes before visiting the house.
3. All luggage can be left in the locker under the house before you go. The museum has lockers to keep us with us.
4. Not allowed to take pictures inside the house
5. Do not make noise when you visit the house.
Before visiting, take off your shoes. In addition to storing your luggage in the locker Do not worry Here, keep the locker keys with yourself.
After looking inside the building, the guide will allow us to walk around the house depending on the medication. Now take photos as you see fit. The staff who take care of everyone is very kind and friendly. When you look at home, there will be many stories about Jim Jim's story, his scales and his short autobiography, allowing us to experience the history of silk. Another famous Thai world that can be
Considered as impressive at the museum It is recommended to look at the ancient and mystical Thai house, enchanting, as well as the valuables accumulated here. I recommend not to miss it.

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